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Objective: Ripping tags off opposition and evasion.

Equipment: Rippa Tags, belts and balls

group size: Any number.

Area: Line.

Drill set-up: Players are partnered up with one being the rat and one being the rabbit. 10m gap between players.

Drill explanation:

  1. Players face each other 10-15m apart with ball just in front of them.

  2. On the call of “rats” or “rabbits” whoever is called runs, picks up ball and tries to score at opposite end. Opposite tries to rip tag off the opposition, holding above head, yell out “Rip” and then hand back.

  3. R&R 3 you run straight across the grid but with R&R 4 you can run anywhere.

  4. Count to see how many time you escape without being ‘ripped’.


• Concentrate on getting players to listen.
• Focus on quick reaction times and speed off the mark.

Variations / progression:

  1. Play Rats and Rabbits 1 and 2

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