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To engage opponent. To spin off to maintain momentum. To continue forward movement.


  1. Look to penetrate either side of opposition first.
  2. Focus on contact area.
  3. Chin off chest; eyes open.
  4. Low body position.
  5. Ball in two hands, away from contact.
  6. Small steps on approach.
  7. Wide power step into contact.
  8. Plant front foot close to defender's feet.
  9. Body before ball.
  10. Target to side of defender's shoulder.
  11. Contact side-on, with hard parts; spin to the outside of the shoulder contacted maintaining momentum.
  12. Once facing forward, burst away.


  1. Leading with the ball.
  2. Contacting centre of defender, stopping forward momentum.
  3. Spinning wrong way, presenting ball to defending team.

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