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The Front Three - First 5/8, Second 5/8 and Centre. To deny opposition space and time. To stop penetration. To regain possession. The Back Three - 2 Wings and Fullback. To complement Front Threedefence line. To form an efficient last line of defence. To prevent opposition\ scoring. To regain possession.


The Front Three:

  1. Form alignment (inside shoulder of opposite).
  2. Communicate with each other.
  3. Exert maximum pressure.
  4. Reduce attack's options.
  5. Tackle effectively.
  6. Support / Cover.

The Back Three:

  1. Provide effective cover defence.
  2. Position to counter any kick option.
  3. Communicate with each other to ensure all options are covered.


  1. Staggered alignment.
  2. Lack of communication.
  3. Coming up too fast or too slow.
  4. Coming up too straight and getting beaten.
  5. Lack of work rate (not covering).
  6. Ineffective tackling.

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