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To secure ball. To establish/maintain forward movement at breakdown. To transfer possession from ball-carrier. Key Factors.


  1. Approach ball-carrier from depth, parallel to touchline.
  2. Identify role.
  3. Call for pass if best option; or
  4. Assume low driving position, ie lower knees and hips; spine in line; chin off chest; eyes up; sight target.
  5. Drive onto ball-carrier, with your shoulder first point of contact.
  6. Shoulder contact made above ball in lower chest area of ball-carrier.
  7. Drive forward with legs; wrap arms around ball-carrier.
  8. Maintain leg drive.
  9. Reposition arm for ball transfer.
  10. Secure and transfer ball.
  11. Communicate ownership.


  1. Head down; eyes closed.
  2. Contact shallow from side causing sideways, not forward, movement.
  3. First support player reaching for ball instead of driving on with shoulder.
  4. First support player ripping ball and becoming isolated.
  5. Ball-carrier holding ball too high creating inefficient drive platform.
  6. First support player driving in too high.
  7. First support player not maintaining leg drive after contact.

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