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To develop all areas of ruck/maul situation.


4–5 shields and two balls.


10–12 players.




  1. In groups of three, a player in Group A hits and spins off Shield 1 (S1), feeding a short pass to the second player in his group who feeds the third player.
  2. The third player hits and spins off Shield 2 and the sequence is reversed, ie 3-2-1.
  3. Once the first group has gone past shield 1, Group B starts.
  4. Once both groups are past S1, S1 runs to back of the grid to provide the next target, as do all the shields once both groups have passed.


• Identify role, sight target area.
• Approach ruck/maul from depth, parallel to touchline.
• Bind with teammates onto opposition.
• Drive forward past the ball or bind and drive either side of ball carrier, forming a wedge forward of the ball..
• Use feet to ruck ball clear of congestion or transfer ball to back of maul communicating its position throughout.
• Stay on feet at all times.


Off the ground:

  1. Hit / Rip / Pop - Ball players hits and recoils, next player rips and pops a pass to supporting player who hits shield 2.
  2. Mini Maul - using the option of more attackers, a mini maul is set on each shield with one player peeling off to set a maul on shield 2.
  3. Rolling Maul - similar to above but controlled rolling from one shield to the next.

On the ground:

  1. Place / Takeout / Pickup.
  2. Player with ball runs towards the first shield, places the ball in front of it and then drives the shield off to the side.
  3. Next player picks up the ball and moves to the next shield.
  4. The idea is to get the ball off the ground as quickly as possible and to attack the space made by the previous player.

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