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Player Profiling

The purpose of a player profile is to help coaches and trainers make sure that players are ready to perform, so they get the most of the game.

Before the season kicks off, coaches must run a series of checks to make sure their players are in the best shape possible.

·        What are their players physical attributes? And are they fit enough for the level they want to play?

·        Do they have the technical skill, ability and strength for the grade they want to play?

·        If returning from injuries, have the players been fully rehabilitated and free from symptoms?

So, what does a player’s profile look like?  It should provide information in these key areas:


·        Personal contact and next of kin details

·        Medical history

·        Cardiac questionnaire

·        Lifestyle and fitness information

·        History of injury, including concussions and degenerative conditions

·        Previous rugby and positional experience

So profile ALL your players – sit down with them at the start of the year and get to know them.  

Need a player profile form CLICK HERE