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Use Rippa Rugby as a training drill for coaching skills like getting into position to receive a pass.


One ball, ripper belts/tags and at least one set of bibs.


Up to 10 per side. If you have less players set up two teams with even numbers of players.


The playing area should be approximately half a full field - 30 metres in length and approximately 15 metres in width.

The Game:

  1. Full RIPPA Rugby rules.
  2. Play on half the field.
  3. 6 rips per team (then turnover).
  4. No reserves if under 20 players.


  • Run straight.
  • Pass before you get ripped.
  • Use two hands to rip.


  • How do we get into position to receive a pass?
  • What’s the best way to rip someone?

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