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Modified Aerobic Assessment

Warm Up with a light 10min jog / active stretch. Part A) Aerobic Power Assessment (APA) Out and back - 60m - 40m - 20m Repeat all 5 times Note: 1. Around the 5 minute mark correlates well to 20-m Shuttle Level 13 2. Well-conditioned rugby 7s and 15s players achieve the repetitions in about 4 mins 30 secs - For example, a Top Tier One 15s player recently recorded 4 mins 27 secs - A quick time for an international 7s player was low 3 mins 30secs and with team average of about 4 mins 45 secs. Rest 10min. Part B) Modified YoYo 1 - Start a stop watch: Complete the YoYo to your maximum, followed by 5min active rest - walking only. Commence the YoYo again starting from the level you finished and go again to failure. At failure - whatever time you have left out of 25min, continue jogging the field.