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Level 1

Welcome to Alert Level 1.

The Government decision to move to Alert Level 1 came earlier than expected!

You will find the new Alert Level 1 table here, carrying the following advice with aspects that are specific to play, active recreation and sport:

  • Under Alert Level 1 the disease is contained in New Zealand, but COVID-19 remains uncontrolled overseas.
  • The main controls under Alert Level 1 are border restrictions and managed isolation or quarantine for people entering the country.  
  • Play, active recreation and sport under Alert Level 1 looks like much like it did pre-COVID-19 but with border restrictions.  
  • There are no restrictions on businesses and services (including hospitality), no restrictions on gathering, no requirements for physical distancing, and no requirements to keep records to enable contact tracing.  You should still maintain QR codes however where possible, to allow people to log where they have been.
  • While none of the public health requirements are mandatory – it is important to remain vigilant and continue to practice good hygiene to minimise the risk of community transmission.  
  • In Alert Level 1 we should be prepared to quickly move into higher alert levels if we need to.
  • As mass gatherings limits are removed, large events such as sports games or tournaments are able to go ahead. Organisers are encouraged to adopt the COVID Code and should be aware they may be asked to postpone or cancel gatherings under the circumstance that a significant outbreak has re-occurred, or if case numbers increase.