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New Zealand Rugby Update: COVID-19 Community Rugby Participation in New Zealand

June 22nd

Currently New Zealand is at COVID-19 Alert Level 1 and all community and club rugby will begin without restrictions.

Please Note: Clubs, schools and community rugby providers are encouraged to contact trace and promote strong personal hygiene measures.

Phase 1: Prepare to Train - Phase ended 25 May

Phase 2: Prepare to Play from 25 May to 19 June

Phase 3: Play from 20 June

Competition fixtures can begin.

This is a challenging time for everyone and it’s important to keep in touch with your teammates, whanau and loved ones. For advice on how you can tackle the tough times visit www.headfirst.co.nz.

To stay informed on how Rugby is responding to the pandemic visit www.newzealand.rugby/covid-19. You can also find regular updates by following New Zealand Rugby on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.