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Your Team Environment


You are faced with many challenges in coaching rugby and working with teenagers can highlight many of these. Working with this group can be frustrating, problematic, horrifying and time consuming. But it can also be rewarding, inspiring, enhancing and pleasurable.
A key to ‘keeping your teens involved in our game’ is ‘keeping YOU in the game’. Believe it or not, you are the most important person in teenage rugby. You need to make sure the team environment is inclusive, enjoyable and challenging as there are many ‘outside’ issues, out of your control, that impact on the success of your season with this team.
• Are you well informed on the make-up of your team?
• Do you need to change your style of coaching with this team?
• How are you going to communicate with these players?
• How are you going to communicate with their care-givers?
• What ‘rules’ are you going to introduce?
• What goals are you going to have for the season?
• What goals are your team going to have for the season?
• Is your team environment going to be one others will want to emulate?
• Are you going to enjoy yourself?


rr_logo_sml.jpgRANDOM RUGBY

Random Rugby is a teenage initiative that involves a facebook page – www.facebook.com/randomrugby, a teen website – www.randomrugby.co.nz and a TV show called Random Rugby TV. These have been setup to connect, inspire and entertain teenagers.