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Reporting a serious injury

Injury reporting is all about gathering information on injuries so that we can learn about why and how they happen – and find ways to prevent similar injuries happening again.

If a player is injured, it’s important they see a health professional (such as a doctor or physio) as soon as possible. ACC can usually help with the costs of treatment.

New Zealand Rugby is currently focusing on eliminating ‘serious injuries’ from the game. Serious injuries are those that have the potential to result in any type of permanent disablement to players.

It is the responsibility of the team coach, manager, or designated ‘Injury Officer’ to ensure that any serious injuries are reported. If you are unsure whether the responsibility for completing the report lies with your team or the opposition, SEND ONE IN ANYWAY.

Please remember that the injury forms you complete and return help New Zealand Rugby plan strategies that will reduce the impact injuries have on your team. They also enable proper management of injuries, to ensure that seriously injured players are looked after as effectively as possible.

To report a serious injury please fill in the below AND call one of these people:

Steve Lancaster (Head of Community Rugby, New Zealand Rugby)
021 528 737

Lisa Kingi-Bon (CEO of New Zealand Rugby Foundation)
021 212 7399

Serious Injury Notification Form

  • Head or spinal injury that results in the player being admitted to hospital.
  • An injury or event (e.g. a heart attack) that results in the death of a player during match play or rugby training
  • An injury that is expected to result in some permanent disability (e.g. loss of use of a limb, loss of an eye)

New Zealand Rugby Foundation

The New Zealand Rugby Foundation(NZRF) has for over 30 years provided support to NZ Rugby Players (and their families) who suffer serious total and permanent injuries playing our national game. It provides comfort to all players that if the unimaginable happens, there is support and partnership for life.

The focus of the New Zealand Rugby Foundation is:

  • Care - Improve the quality of life for our VIP (Very Injured Players).
  • Advocacy – Champion safety in our game.
  • Sustain our Foundation through world class stewardship.

Learn more about what else the NZRF work on