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Sideline Behaviour

Providing a positive environment for everyone to enjoy rugby is at the heart of APPLAUD.

APPLAUD is a New Zealand Rugby initiative to encourage supporters to be good sports at schools and clubs, while also seeking to stamp out anti-social side-line behaviour.

Supporters have a big role to play in encouraging players, referees, coaches and volunteers to have good experiences whether they win, lose or draw.

APPLAUD provides guidelines for schools and clubs to manage situations where supporters become over-enthusiastic and risk spoiling the experience of others involved in rugby/taking part or watching.

One feature of APPLAUD is for fans, parents and whanau to make ten commitments for the good of the game.

By committing to the simple principles of APPLAUD, supporters are contributing to a better rugby experience for everyone.

This initiative gives school and clubs the tools to promote good rugby behaviour and an enjoyable environment for rugby as this is something we can all have an influence on.

Commitments for Parents/ Care-givers and Spectators

I will:

• lead by example and be a good role model;
• remember players play sport for their enjoyment, not mine;
• respect officials’ and coaches’ decisions – even if I don’t agree;
• respect the efforts of opponents;
• applaud good play and performances by both my team and their opponents;
• give positive comments that motivate and encourage continued effort;
• thank the coaches, officials and other volunteers;
• assist when asked by a coach or official;
• respect the rights and dignity of all people involved in the game, regardless of their gender, ability or cultural background; and
• behave appropriately at pre-game and after-match functions.