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These guidelines have been issued by New Zealand Rugby Union (NZR) following a request by the Coroner to assist with the communication to the New Zealand rugby community of the need for scrum machines to be stored safely. (Full GUIDELINES)

A scrum machine is a potential hazard when it is left unattended in a place where it can be moved and played on in an unsupervised or unauthorised manner.

At all times when not in use, scrum machines must be stored in a way that cannot be accessed by the public, ideally in a locked storage shed.

If there is no storage shed available, scrum machines must be fenced/padlocked off with clear signage identifying it as a danger and not to be used by any unauthorised persons. An example of such signage is “DANGER, DO NOT USE” that can be purchased online:
https://www.hazard-signs.nz. In particular, the steps taken need to prevent young children or persons who might be inclined to play on the apparatus from being able to do so.