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First Aid in Rugby (FAIR) Courses give you the opportunity to gain rugby-specific first aid skills. Delivered by experienced practitioners with rugby expertise, a World Rugby recognised FAIR qualification will give you the skills to immediately assist an injured player.

The courses are open to anyone in the rugby community – volunteers, coaches, referees, physios, players, sports coordinators, parents and everyone else interested.

Course structure

The course is made up of an online pre-course theory component and a hands-on practical session taken by our specialist educators.

The hands-on course is delivered in an eight-hour session and there is approximately eight hours of pre-course work.  This pre-course work is essential so you can get maximum benefit from the hands-on practical session.

On completion of the course to the required standard, you will receive a World Rugby FAIR qualification certificate and a FAIR kit bag(worth over $100) with equipment used on the course, sponsored by USL Medical. 

The details

  • Course cost: $50 (includes catering and a FAIR kit bag).
  • Select a course and Register HERE. Fill out your details and make a payment. On receipt of registration, we will respond with course confirmation and how to access the pre-reading. 

Please note this course is rugby specific and content differs to a Red Cross or St John First Aid Course.


If you're interested in attending a course, you can register for an upcoming course HERE, if there's not a course in your area please send us an email: FAIR@nzrugby.co.nz