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Why do I have to attend RugbySmart every year?

Before RugbySmart came in the year 2000 we would have 6-8 catastrophic injuries every year, those players spending their lives in wheelchairs. Since we introduced the programme that has been reduced to 2 a year.

Rugby related claims have reduced while participation has steadily increased; we now understand we need to recognise and remove players from the field when an injury occurs; we understand we have protocols and procedures to follow to get the player back on the field, and we are generally SMARTER when it comes to injury prevention and wellbeing.

We also hope that coming makes you a better coach, makes you coach good technique and safe technique. This keeps your players on the field longer, gives them a much more enjoyable experience and hopefully everybody stays in the game for longer.

We thank you for coming to RugbySmart! Thank you for all the work that you do with our players, we have the best players in the world, and you are a part of that success.