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Safe Clubs Safe Kids Webinar

Safe Clubs Safe Kids - Child Protection Policies are now common in sport. Watch to understand more about what harm looks like, how to prevent it happening to kids in rugby's care and what actions you can take if somethings not right.

Introduction to presenters:

Eleanor Butterworth, National Harm Prevention Manager at NZR has a work history working in agencies such as Rape Crisis and Women’s Refuge. She has developed and overseen the roll out of Child Protection work amongst other projects aimed at reducing harm in our great game and its environments. She has a passion for prevention and this is reflected in her strong relationships within Rugby, Provider and Harm Prevention spaces.

Alex Ness is the Te Hurihanga Advisor at NZR, his role is to support Eleanor through the delivery of education sessions and supporting Rugby’s response to incidents of harm. Alex has a background in therapeutic interventions with men who have done harm and also in national campaigns targeting Family Violence.