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Small Blacks TV

Small Blacks TV (SBTV) is a vibrant children's television recreation/lifestyle programme and the mission is to get children off the couch and participating in an active lifestyle. With unparalleled access to the biggest All Blacks stars, the cool and genuinely funny presenter delivers a highly entertaining show that promotes the importance of exercise, participation in sport, healthy eating and encourages children to have fun with their mates.kaks sbtv

2016 will be the twelth season of Small Blacks TV. With a well-established audience and characters integrated into most primary schools (through Rugger education units),

SBTV will look to build on its existing reputation within the rugby and children’s TV communities.

SBTV follows a magazine format that emphasises diversity (ethnically and geographically), participation (regardless of ability) and fun.

Presenter Nua Finau and the Small Black Ambassadors host  each week to interview, set challenges and introduce segments of the show.

SBTV travels nationwide to ensure regional coverage around New Zealand so rural and urban children are represented.

SBTV is more than rugby. It is about promoting an active lifestyle.

The show is designed around themes such as values, participation, health and nutrition, ‘practice makes perfect’ and having fun. By designing the show in this way we are mindful of educational outcomes and  the segments in each episode deliver on this element.

Healthy eating, exercise and training may not be high on every young person's list of favourite things to do, however SBTV presents information in an entertaining and engaging style that energises young people and makes it cool to get off the sofa. This Community Rugby programme encourages, inspires and sets an example without being prescriptive or too earnest.

Humour is a strong element of our approach, but comedy is not the purpose of the show, just one of the tools used to deliver the key messages.

So if you want to get your kids hooked on these values and key messages - have a look at the 2016series. It can be seen on www.smallblacks.com. It also runs on SKY sport a number of times each week.