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RugbySmart App

New Zealand Rugby have just put out the popular RugbySmart iPhone App in Android so that all smartphone users get the opportunity to use the FREE application.

RugbySmart is based around ACC SportSmart, the 10-point action plan for sports injury prevention. It’s a comprehensive approach that is about keeping players where coaches and supporters want them: on the field, contributing to a winning team effort.
The Rugby Smart injury prevention program has a proven track record in reducing serious injury within New Zealand’s national game. In recent years Rugby Smart has been presented to coaches in DVD format.
The Rugby Smart App will provide coaches with all the valued features of the DVD at their fingertips and contain additional features including instant injury reporting, concussion and first aid checklists.
rs android.jpg
Features of the Application include:
•    Instant activate buttons for Concussion, Spinal and Soft Tissue injury checklists.
•    Automated Injury reporting functionality enabling immediate reporting to NZ Rugby.
•    Push notification functionality enabling regular communication and updates to users. Here a coach can make sure the players are getting the right information immediately.
•    Remote player profiling function enabling input via iPhone and immediate access to important player information. Here a coach has all the information about their player at their finger-tips - if they load it - the RugbySmart App has it - allergies, injury history, next of kin details etc etc.

You can download the iphone version from here:  iphone

You can download the Android version from here:  Android