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Random Rugby


Random Rugby is a community designed to provide young people with an environment for which they can express their love of rugby.

Random Rugby emphasises the brand value of ‘fun’ and is intended to maintain the interest of teens. rr_logo_sml

The Facebook page is a forum for members to post videos and comment on the entertaining aspects of the game. While there will be room for user generated videos of tries and slick moves on the field, Random Rugby is also a place where even non-athletes can feel part of the rugby community as they can post content, comments and ‘Like’ content.

The key driver that will guide all our activity for Random Rugby is INSPIRE and the secondary driver is ENTERTAIN.

We will also highlight the fun aspect of being part of the rugby community, with activities designed to demonstrate the appeal of rugby for young people like competing against your mates and sharing good times with like-minded peers.

The objectives of our Random Rugby activity will be to:
•    Broaden the appeal of rugby for teenagers
•    Create a teen community of rugby fans
•    Retain teenagers’ enthusiasm for rugby