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NZ Rugby Sevens

Sir Gordon Tietjens and 7's Rugby

Coaching Toolbox spent a marvelous two days in Titch's hometown of Tauranga filming him go over the principles of Sevens rugby.

The reso7filming.jpgurce will consist of a large number of videos which includes his philosophies,  seven's activities and personal coaching footage.

Titch shows us core components that need to be present to be an effective Sevens coach.

You need:
•    to be organised,
•    to be planned,
•    to be connecting with your players,
•    effective communication,
•    sound teaching practice,
•    a good understanding of the game,
•    specific conditioning for your players,
•    selection protocols,
•    and game planning.

Keep an eye out for this resource - it's in the skills section here in COACHING TOOLBOX.

sevens shoot.jpg