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All Blacks Clinic, Madrid

NZ Rugby’s All Blacks Clinic in Madrid was run from August 26 to September 1 in collaboration with Kiwihouse. The event took place in the facilities of the prestigious Francisco de Vitoria University, where 100 players aged from 14 to 18 years were placed under the guidance of a high-quality team of coaches from New Zealand and Spain.

All Blacks Clinic staff was comprised of two former All Blacks, players who have worn the legendary shirt of the New Zealand national team, Bull Allen and Anthony Tuitivake and two top-level coaches from the technical arm of NZ Rugby. This elite group was reinforced by the best coaches and players from Spain. Coaches such as the current coach of Sanitas Alcobendas, José Ignacio Inchausti, the coach and physical trainer of the Spanish team Mar Alvarez, the coach of SilverStorm El Salvador, Juan Carlos Pérez, and the New Zealander and Spanish international player Brad Linklater. The participants were staying at the Francisco de Vitoria University, and had at their disposal a detailed plan in which individual skills, team roles, the setting of objectives, mental preparation, leadership capacity, an initiation on nutrition, the prevention and treatment of injuries, recovery plans and the cultural aspects of NZ were covered.

NZR’s elite coaches shared their knowledge and demonstrated the work methodology that has contributed to the All Blacks becoming a leading global sports team. The All Blacks Clinic is completely equipped with the best facilities for players including two rugby fields, a multi-purpose pavilion of the University, a pool for training and another for recovery, multifunctional rooms for gym work, yoga sessions, crossfit and fitness, library, classrooms, cafeteria and dining room.

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