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Building Positivity [3]

No matter what level you are coaching at the players will respond to plenty of positive input from the coach and fellow players.

There are many simple ideas that can have a big positive outcome. Now is the time to action some of these ideas.

At the final training of the week or as close to an hour or so before a game ‘Buddy Up’ players in similar positions or with similar mindsets.
Each Buddy writes a few short expectations he has of his buddy and they hand them back and discuss these briefly.

If this seems too difficult, having to have a bit of paper and a pen, then the players could discuss their expectations of each other.

For example two props could be writing the following expectations:
Prop ‘A’ expectations for Prop ‘B’.
- dynamic lineout lifts / be accurate with the calls
- 5 strong carries at phase play / 5 effective cleanouts
- 3 Big Hits / 90% tackle completion.

Prop ‘B’ expectations for Prop ‘A’
- Lead every scrum in / head and arm in most effective positions
- Being physical and effective at the tackle/ruck area
- 3 Big Hits

During the game when the team comes together at various stoppages the players could check on and encourage each other. Talk about their next likely involvement.

Following the game, the Buddies should talk through their expectations and give each other a mark out of 10.
After a block of three to five games decide on who is going the best. Change the expectations if desirable to do so to extend the players achievements.
It could also be a time to change the Buddy.

The coaches need to keep a check on what is happening between the buddies so that they stay on course. This will also provide opportunity for the coaches to suggest some other expectations if necessary.

This will ensure the players are discussing the game and working on improving relevant aspects of their game.