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Set piece set up without delay, clear expectations and parameters.

•Scrums are to be set within 30 seconds of them being awarded. If unsettled the referee can blow time off and not waste playing time.
•Scrum = Clear gap between Front Rows, balanced on calls, push straight, bind legal.
TRIGGER = manage positive player behaviour and insist on tidy scrums

      Rationale: We are trying to minimise wasted time in the match.

2.   Lineout

•Lineouts need to form without delay and the gap needs to be maintained prior to the throw-in
•Not straight throws will be adjudicated even if opposition team does not jump.
•Lineout mauls must be set up legally so defenders have access to the player in possession.
Rationale: If teams come in late on their throw then the referees will not insist on numbers as the non-throwing team will not have time to adjust.