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Law 5 Time

Law 5 Time

1. How long can a match last?
Answer: 80 minutes, plus lost time in each half, unless the match organiser has authorized extra time in the case of a draw.

  • DSLV: matches played in NZ at U19 level and below last no longer than 70 minutes playing time, 35 minutes playing time each half, however Game On format applies.

2. How long is halftime?
Answer: No more than 15 minutes.

3. May a match organiser or the teams agree to shorten the length of a match?
Answer: Yes and Game On provisions apply.

4. Who keeps the time?
Answer: The referee or someone designated by the referee. If there is doubt as to the correct time, the referee consults either or both ARs, and can consult others if the ARs cannot help.

5. What may the referee stop play and allow time for?
Answer: A. injury for up to 1 minute (if a player is seriously injured the referee has discretion to allow more time), B. consultation with other officials.

6. Once the ball is dead, what the referee allow time for?
Answer: A. replacement of players, B. replacing or repairing players’ clothing, C. re-tying a boot lace, D. retrieving the ball

7. When does a half end?
Answer: A. after a scrum, lineout or restart which has been ordered before time expires, B. after a PK or FK has been taken if awarded before time expires, C. after a PK directly to touch if awarded before time expires, D. after a try has been scored and conversion attempt has been taken.

8. May a team take a conversion or decline to take a conversion or after a try?
Answer: Yes provided A. the decision to decline the conversion is relayed by the try scorer to the referee, B. the conversion is attempted or declined before time elapses, C. time is taken from then strike on the ball

9. When weather conditions are exceptionally hot or humid, may the referee allow for a water break?
Answer: Yes, for up to 1-minute, mid-way through the half after a score or when the ball is dead near the halfway line.

10. May the referee end or suspend the match at any time?
Answer: Yes, if the referee deems it would be unsafe to continue.