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Law 4 Player's Clothing

Law 4 Player's Clothing

1. Must all items of clothing comply with World Rugby Regulation 12?
Answer: Yes

2. What must players wear during a game as a bare minimum?
Answer: Jersey, shorts, underwear, socks and boots.

3. Along with jersey, shorts and socks, what other items of clothing are permissible on a rugby field?
Answer: A. washable supports made of compressible elasticated material, B. shin guards, C. ankle supports, D. mitts, E. shoulder pads, F. mouth guard, G. headgear, H. bandages, I. goggles, J. studs

  • DSLV: mouthguards are compulsory in all levels of NZ Domestic rugby.

4. In addition to approved clothing, what may women wear on the rugby filed?
Answer: A. chest pads, B. cotton blend long tights, C. headscarves

5. What items of clothing may a player not wear?
Answer: A. any item contaminated with blood, B. any sharp or abrasive item, C. any items containing buckles, clips, rings, zippers, screws, bolts or rigid material, D. jewelry, E. gloves, F. shorts with padding sewn in, G. any item that the referee may consider could cause injury, H. communication devices

6. Does the referee have the power to stop a match and ask a layer to remove an item of clothing if deemed dangerous?
Answer: Yes.

7. What must the referee do if he/she finds a player with an item of clothing on during a match which the referee asked to remove prior to the match starting?
Answer: Send the player off for misconduct. PK

8. Can allow a player to leave the playing area to change an item of clothing?
Answer: Only if it is bloodstained.