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Law 17 Mark

1. What is a mark?
Answer: A means of stopping play within a player’s 22 by directly catching an opponent’s kick.

Claiming A Mark
1. How can a player claim a mark?
Answer: A. have at least one foot on or behind their own 22m line when catching the ball or when landing having caught it in the air, B. catching a ball that has reached the plane of the 22m line directly from an opponents kick before it touches the ground r another player, C. simultaneously calling “mark”.

2. May a player claim a mark if the ball comes off a crossbar or goalpost?
Answer: Yes.

3. What must the referee do once a mark is correctly called?
Answer: Stop the game and award the catcher a FK.

4. Can a mark be claimed off a kick-off or restart kick?
Answer: No.

Restarting Play After A Mark
1. Who must take a FK after a mark is called?
Answer: The player who called “mark”.

2. If a player who call “mark” is unable to take the FK within one minute, what must the referee rule?
Answer: Scrum to the team in possession.

3. Where is the FK taken from after a mark is awarded?
Answer: If it is awarded in the 22, at the place of the mark but no closer than 5m from the goal-line; if in in-goal, on the 5m line in line with the place of the mark.