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Law 13 Players on the Ground in Open Play

Law 13 Players on The Ground in Open Play

1. Is the game to be played with players who are on their feet?
Answer: Yes.

2. Players who go to ground to gather the ball or who go to ground with the ball, must do what?
Answer: A. get up with the ball, or B. play the ball, or C. release the ball.

Sanction: PK

3. Once the ball is either played or released, players on the ground must do what?
Answer: Either move away from the ball or get up.

Sanction: PK

4. A player who is on the ground without the ball is out of the game and must do what?
Answer: A. allow opponents who are not on the ground play the ball, B. not play the ball, C. not tackle or attempt to tackle an opponent.

Sanction: PK.

5. Players who are on their feet must not do what?
Answer: Fall on or over players who have the ball or who are near the ball.

Sanction: PK