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Law 10 Offside and Onside in Open Play

Law 10 Offside and Onside in Open Play

1. Can the game be played only by those players who are onside?
Answer: Yes.

Offside and Onside In Open Play
1. How is a player deemed to be offside and what can that player not do?
Answer: When the player is in front of a team-mate who is carrying the ball or who last played it – an offside player may not A. play the ball, B. tackle the ball carrier, C. prevent the opposition from playing as they wish.

2. Can a player be offside anywhere in the playing area?
Answer: Yes.

3. If a player receives an unintentional throw forward, is this player offside?
Answer: No.

4. Under what circumstances should an offside player be penalised?
Answer: If that player A. interferes with play, B. moves forward towards the ball, C. when within 10m of where the ball alights or is fielded by an opponent (10m touchline to touchline), the player advances.

Sanction: (i). PK where the player was offside or (ii). Scrum where the offending team last played the ball.

5. How is a player deemed to be accidentally offside?
Answer: If the offside player cannot avoid being touched by the ball or by a team-mate carrying the ball – if the offending team gains an advantage, play should stop.

Sanction: scrum.

6. How can an offside player put him/herself onside?
Answer: A. by moving behind a team-mate who last played the ball or B. by moving behind a team-mate who is onside.

7. Other than under law 10.4c, how can an offside player be put onside?
Answer: A. an onside team-mate of that player moves past the offside player and is within or has re-entered the playing area, B. an opponent of that player (i). carries the ball 5m, (ii). Passes the ball, (iii). Kicks the ball, (iv). Intentionally touches the ball without gaining possession of it.

8. Can a player who is offside under law 10.4c be put onside by the action of an opponent?
Answer: No except for a charge down.

Retiring From A Ruck, Maul, Scrum Or Lineout
1. Are players who are offside at a ruck, maul, scrum or lineout still offside when these phases are over?
Answer: Yes.

2. How can a player be put onside when offside at a ruck, maul, scrum or lineout?
Answer: A. that player immediately retires behind the offside line, B. an offside player carries the ball 5m in any direction, C. an opposition player kicks the ball.

3. When should an offside player at a ruck, maul, scrum or lineout be penalized?
Answer: A. when that player fails to retire without undue delay and benefits from being put onside in a more advantageous position, B. interferes with play, C. moves towards the ball.