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Rangatahi To Rangatira

A Maori Development Camp

These programmes are designed to develop and encourage young Māori to be proud of who they are, lead awesome lives and to follow their dreams and aspirations. They are held across the country at local Provincial rugby unions with proactive schools that target Māori players boys and girls. A key component of this programme is to use rugby skill development with an emphasis teaching life-skills within kaupapa Māori. We encourage each participant to take a look at their life and ask important questions that will help them make positive future decisions.

Questions such as: Who are you, Who do you represent, Where are you from, Where are you heading, What support do you have and What support do you need?

We utilise rugby skills such to reinforce life lessons:

  • Catch and pass drills to teach focus, adding value, aiming for and hitting targets
  • Contact drills to teach support, attack, drive, perseverance and never giving up
  • Defence drills to teach alignment, courage, back each other up and facing challenges
  • Fun games to teach teamwork, unity, helping each other and commitment

Ask your provincial union if they are running any of these in the future, as spots go fast!