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Principle Six – Score

The 4 P’s are a good checklist that players can refer to during a game to identify what is going wrong and what needs to be done for it to come right and score points. In 15’s field position may be more important than possession but, given the opportunities created by the smaller numbers in 7’s defence possession is probably first priority.

Principles of Attack – Summary

So, under the current conditions in which sevens is played, the principles of attack that I originally put together for sevens can be replaced by the attack principles of 15’s making coach education much simpler in which knowledge in both modes of the game can complement each other. The end result should be to make the players proficient at an extensive range of skills applicable to both Sevens and Fifteens.

Be aware that fifteens have many more skills than sevens and by coaching players in the fifteens menu of skills the coaches create many more options in sevens. The same is not true when you go from sevens to fifteens.