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Defence Principle Five - Support


Support to complete the tackle, to contest possession of the ball, slowing re-cycling down and join the defence line to force the attack to play inferior options so that the ball may be regained.


In defence support, assess each situation based on the options listed in the outcome.

The options will change as the situation develops and the support player must “read” the cues in deciding as to what to do.

Some of the defensive cues are:

  1. What is the type of tackle?
  2. Does the tackler need help to complete the tackle?
  3. Is the ball contestable or not?
  4. If it is contestable what is going to be the purpose of my assistance?
  5. Options


  1. Gather the ball. (Jackal)
  2. Drive away the attack support.
  3. Counter ruck.
  4. Join the defence line.
  5. Where should I join the defence line and where should a defender be positioned?