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All of us have a responsibility to know how to identify the signs and symptoms of concussion and what to do.

That's where the four 'R's' come into play. They stand for:
Recognise - the signs and symptoms of a concussion
Remove - get the player out of the game or training
Recover - seek medical attention and follow the graduated return to play guidelines
Return - get back to full participation


But coaches also have a responsibility to prevent concussions by coaching their players about keeping their heads safe in the tackle. New Zealand Rugby has set up a programme that concentrates on this aspect of the tackle and it’s called the ‘Tackle Clinic’. It’s a series of activities designed to get the head in a safe position by using active feet, and placing the head to the side or behind the ball-carrier.
All other elements like leg power, driving, landing on top and getting up quickly will still be part of a coach’s normal tackle session, but it’s not part of the Tackle Clinic.


•    If the player has a SUSPECTED CONCUSSION, they have to follow the GRTP.
•    70% of teenage players don’t even report a concussion.
•    Only a referee can award a BLUE CARD.
•    Only a doctor can give medical clearance, and only then is contact training allowed to resume. They cannot give you clearance to play earlier.
•    We need players to look out for each during the game, and if they show any symptoms of a head knock, they need to look after their mate and get them removed from play.
•    Moving through the GRTP is all about having zero symptoms at each stage before moving to the next level – it’s not about just meeting time frames.

Community Post Concussion Card

These are available to hand out to those who possibly have a concussion - they are available here in a number of translations.